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1. How many categories are there in the CIC Sustainable Construction Award?

The Award comprises of two categories – “Organisations” and “Industry Practitioners”. For “Organisations” category, there are total 16 awards. (There are a Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit Award in each sub-category, or a combination as deemed appropriate)

For “Industry Practitioners” category, there are total 18 awards (1 Excellent Award and 5 Outstanding Awards in each sub-category of practitioners.)

2. Is there a new Award category in 2020?

No. However, applicants from “Organisations” category are encouraged to adopt sustainable materials and provide the material’s name, highlights of using the material and supplier’s name.

3. Is there a new assessment criterion in 2020?

Yes. In “Organisations” category – Innovations and Bonus, bonus points will be given to organisations applying CIC Carbon Assessment Tool, using materials with CIC Green Product Certification and adopting sustainable materials.

4. Which type of construction projects can be applied for the Award?

The Award welcomes applications in different construction sectors, such as foundation, building, civil, and RMAA projects.

5. Once applicants have enrolled for the “Organisations” category, how many staff could be nominated in “Industry Practitioners” category?

Applicants can nominate your colleagues for all three “Industry Practitioners” sub-categories. Please be reminded that each practitioner can only enter in one category.

On the other hand, applicants shall be nominated by their organisations.

6. What is the main purpose of launching the Award?

CIC aims to recognise the sustainability best practices among organisations and practitioners, especially the younger generation at the construction stage.

We also promote continuous enhancements of sustainable construction in Hong Kong.

7. Could Project Owner (Public Sector) / Developer (Private Sector) and Contractor be allowed to apply for the Award “Organisations” category under the same project?

Yes, please indicate the sub-category (i.e. Project Owner (Public Sector), Developer (Private Sector) or Contractor) in the application form, which should be submitted independently.


8. Should an application need to be written in English?

The application can be in either English or Chinese.

9. Where should I submit the application to?

The application should be submitted online at the CIC Sustainable Construction Award website

10. When is the submission deadline?

The application starts from 19 November 2019 to 30 June 2020.

11. Does the Award accept the application from Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area or overseas projects?

The Award only accepts the application of Hong Kong-based projects.

12. What is the scope of Project Owner (public sector)?

Some examples of Project Owner (public sector) include:
AA, ArchSD, CEDD, CLP, DSD, EMSD, Hospital Authority, HyD, HKE, HKHA, HKHS, WSD, URA, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, MTR Corporation Limited or related entities.

13. How many applications can be submitted if our project has multi-construction sites under the same contract?

CIC only accepts one application from multi-construction sites under the same contract.

14. Apart from application form, what additional information should be submitted for the Award?

Applicants are suggested to submit supplements such as figures, illustration, chart and photos to demonstrate their quantifiable achievement.

For “Industry Practitioners” category, applicants can submit a 2-minutes video demonstrating applicants’ achievement.

15. What are the benefits of participating in CIC Sustainable Construction Award?

It helps organisations and practitioners to identify gaps and opportunities in their sustainability journey. It also provides a benchmark and recognition against peers in the industry.

Monetary incentives will also be issued to the awardees in the “Industry Practitioners” category. (HK$20,000 for Excellent Award and HK$10,000 for Outstanding Award)

16. How can we get more information about CIC Sustainable Construction Award for ease on participation?

Application form and nomination kit can be downloaded from the CIC Sustainable Construction Award website Besides, CIC will organise award briefing sessions in the first quarter of 2020.

17. What project and in what time frame is eligible to apply for the Award?

A project with construction activities in the period between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020 to be eligible for application.

18. When will be the result announced to the award winners?

The award winners will be informed via email and invited to participate in the Award Presentation Ceremony in November 2020.

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