Judging Criteria for Organisations Category

The judging criteria emphasises on the collaborative relationship among industry stakeholders to implement sustainable construction.

Engagement and Communication (25%)
Corporate Culture
  • Corporate culture and policy
  • Management support in resource
  • Talent development for staff and workers
  • Cultivation for new generation

External Engagement
  • Public engagement
  • Site planning and arrangement for community
Measures and Achievement (25%)
Measures and Achievement
  • Air, noise, water and waste management
  • Energy saving and carbon reduction
  • Heritage, landscape and habitat conservation
Supply Chain Management (25%)
Supply Chain Management
  • Early collaboration during site planning
  • Assessment of sustainability performance of suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Application of advanced technology
  • Building long-term relationships with project team
Innovation and Bonus (25%)
Innovation and Bonus
Innovative measures with figures that your project has the greatest contribution to sustainability construction. 6 bonus credit(s) will be given if your project has fulfilled the following requirements with records:
  • Application of CIC Carbon Assessment Tool, 
  • Use of materials with CIC Green Product Certification, 
  • Adoption of sustainable materials 

Judging Criteria for Industry Practitioners Category

With a view that site management team and workers may play different roles on construction, specific criteria on managerial staff and general practitioner to highlight their effort in sustainable construction is as follows:

Site management team should take a leadership role to initiate sustainability measures and allocate sufficient resources to pursue your team towards sustainable construction.

Practitioners should highlight the quantifiable data and achievement which have the greatest contribution to sustainable construction i.e. but not limited to engagement and communication, supply chain management and environmental performance.

This criterion refers to the skill sets in coordinating other parties of the construction site to develop sustainable initiatives.

Practitioners should demonstrate new and creative sustainability measures implemented in the projects, which is practical in local construction industry.

Skill and Workmanship
Skill and Workmanship
Experienced general practitioners can have a great contribution to sustainability construction by sharing their expertise and experience, so as to achieve the target set by site management team.

Idea and Energisation
Idea and Energisation
The CIC shows high respect to the ideas from new generation of the construction industry. Applicants should showcase the practical ideas initiated by young practitioners to assist the project team during operation.

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